Jesus Christ had a mission. He came to earth from heaven knowing His purpose. His single-mindedness, determination, and reliance on His heavenly Father’s guidance ensured that at the end of His ministry, He could pray confidently, “I have accomplished the work which You gave me to do” (John 17:4).

He also had a vision – to build a community of believers – only twelve at first – that would be the foundation of a vast network of followers who would fulfil His vision. Knowing His disciples’ exciting potential but precarious position, Jesus prayed, “As You have sent Me into the world, I also send them into the world” (John 17:18).

Jesus also had a plan. His ministry unfolded in stages. Workers needed to be trained, and He began to call people right out of their preoccupation with other interests. The control He exercised in relation to His ministry was always in response to the leadings of His heavenly Father—and as the appropriate way to facilitate His mission and vision in accordance with His values.
As Christ followers at New Life Church, we desire to carry on His mission and vision. Because Jesus came to seek and save the lost, we feel compelled to do the same. But Jesus went beyond rescuing people from hell; he wanted to make them fit for heaven. Our purpose is not only for people to “meet” Christ, but also for them to grow in faith by being obedient to His commands and conformed to His character.


We Exits To:
Honour God | Gather | Show Compassion | Serve | Be Generous


What We’re Becoming
“Our vision is: We won’t stop until every person in our city has a spirit-filled mature relationship with Jesus Christ.”