Kidz Life

Kidzlife is a place where children can find their best friend!

Runs every Sunday at all 4 experiences 7:45, 09:30, 11:15 & 17:30. We meet in the funky Kidz Next Door, located next to the main hall building. If your child is between the ages of 5 and grade 7, there is absolutely no better place they could be on a Sunday than at Kidzlife.

Kidz Ark

Runs every Sunday at all four experiences. They meet in the Kidz Ark classroom, located right next to Kidz Farm. The little ones will enjoy age appropriate ministry and playtime while the parents enjoy a distraction free service. Your child will be assigned a number which is broadcasted into the main service if you are needed.

Kidz Farm

Runs every Sunday at all four experiences for children ages 1-2. They meet in the Kidz Farm, located down the the stairs off the foyer. This allows parents to enjoy a distraction free service. Your toddler is assigned a number which is broadcasted into the main service if you are needed.

Agents 3:16

Crazy – Awesome – Wacky Fun!

Agents is an opportunity for every child in Grade 1 to Grade 7 to meet every Friday night between 18:30 and 20:30 at the ‘Kids Next Door’ building located right next to the main church building.

Kids connect with awesome new and old friends, have crazy – awesome- wacky fun, praise and worship together and learn about a loving God in real and relevant ways by playing weird and wacky games.

A group of fun and energetic Agent leaders are present to ensure that all kids are in an incredibly safe environment that pumps with high energy. We strive to ensure that every child has an evening that is action packed, mind blowing and has a “I definitely want to back here” time! There is no better place to send your kids than to Agents 3:16 at New Life Church!

Every Friday night will be booked from now on…be warned!


Parents partnering with God as they raise their children

New Life Church believes that children are a gift from God, and we are very excited that you are investigating Child Dedication.

Child Dedication is a public commitment that you make before God, your church, and your family. The Dedication Service provides you, the parent/s, with an opportunity to express publically your desire to lead and spiritually nurture your child in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so that your child will develop a desire to love God and love others.

One key step in marking your desire to nurture your child in the ways of God is to dedicate him or her to God publically, through a Child Dedication Service. But before you and your child/ren can take part in the service, you as the parent/s will have to attend a Child Dedication Class which takes place on a Wednesday night at 18h30. In this class we go through the Biblical purpose and background and frequently asked questions that you as the parent/s may have regarding Child Dedication. The actual Dedication Service will happen on the Sunday of that same week during the 3rd Experience in the Main Hall.

Child Dedication Services at New Life Church happen once a quarter, and when there is an upcoming service, the dates and details will be published in all forms of New Life Church’s media. If you are interested in dedicating your child/ren, you can sign up at the Information Desk where you will be given a Dedication Booklet that you as the parent/s will have to go through before the class.

All Dedication Services are recorded on video and made available for your purchase on DVD at Seeds.