We all want a place where we can find true friendship and community. And we believe that God’s plan for our lives involves other people! No man is an island on their own, we are part of a bigger body, all connected to each other.

When we look at the early church in Acts 2 we see groups of passionate believers that met in each others houses, prayed together, had communion together. They supported one another constantly, and when times got tough they shared all they had. In a nutshell, that is what Friendship Groups are all about.We invite you to join a Friendship Group in the quest to become more like the church we read about in Acts. We believe that your relationship with God will blossom and mature as you find yourself in a safe environment where you trust those around you enough to share experiences and ask questions.

If you’re not in a group yet, consider joining from the list of Circle Groups we have after clicking on the link below!