21 Day Prayer and Fast

Join New Life Church as we begin our 21 Day Prayer and Fast which starts this coming Monday(21st of January). During the 21 days we will be releasing a daily devotional for via Facebook and our app. We will also be fasting 21 meals throughout the 21 days. Whether you choose to fast a meal a day(eg. breakfast/lunch) or you choose to fast a full day of 3 meals is completely up to you. As long as you fast a total of 21 meals throughout the 21 days. So join us as we weaken our flesh and allow our spirits to strengthen. For more details or any questions feel free to email us at: church@nlchurch.co.za


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    Vanessa says

    Good day.i want to join you with 21day fast.keep me in your prayers thank you.

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      Guy says

      Thank you for joining us. We will definitely keep you in our prayers

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    Bobby & Alice Joubert says

    1meal a day?

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      Guy says

      Hi. You can do 1 meal a day or you can do 21 meals in a row. It’s up to you:)

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    Kavi says

    Hi there. I get that u skip one meal a day. Just want to be sure, does that mean u cannot eat anything random like a chocolate or packet of chips in between?

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    Kavi says

    When fasting a meal a day…. does that mean you cannot eat anything random in between like chips or a chocolate ? Can u drink water?

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    kavi says

    hi there, when you fast a meal a day, is it like a dry fast or can you drink water ? for example you dont eat lunch, but a few hours later you have a chocolate or chips to snack on, is that wrong? please assist on how it works. 🙂

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      Guy says

      hi Kavi,
      you can choose how you would like to fast, what we are asking is that of the 3 main mains in the day you either fast one of them each day for 21 days, or you can fast 21 meals in a row. Now you should not be having chocies and snacks in the place of a meal. You must not eat anything in that time. For me I am fasting my lunch meal. So from 11am till 6pm (supper time) I will not eat anything. You can def drink water, but no coffee, cooldrink etc. Hope this helps 🙂

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