At New Life Church, we are PASSIONATE ABOUT INVESTING IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF GODLY LEADERS IN OUR COUNTRY, and that is how the GAP@NLC came into existence.

Invest a year of your life into the Kingdom of God while growing personally and unleashing your potential! Using ministry as the platform for this Gap Year Programme, you will be exposed to: leadership development, spiritual growth, public speaking, event planning & management, missions, next generation ministry, creative arts and many more life skills, that will give you a solid foundation for a strong future.

The programme aims to help our students:

-Develop a more intimate relationship with God

-Personal restoration and Character development

-Leadership development


-Discovering your unique design and purpose

-Developing life skills to last a life time

The GAP@NLC is a 10 month, full time programme, running from February to November every year. At the end of the year, our students would have received training and experience in the various areas of ministry mentioned above.

Join the GAP@NLC and unleash your potential!


Encouraging a Godly lifestyle, creating Adventurous ministry opportunities and striving to live a Purposeful life.


Using all opportunities to facilitate spiritual and personal growth; and providing training, materials and practical experiences using the ministry environment as our platform.


Serving  |  Growth  |  Compassion  |  Teamwork  |  Courage  |  Excellence

This Includes:
– 2 International  Mission Trips (To Swaziland and Lesotho. A valid passport is required)
– 1 South African Mission Trip
– Over 11 Local One Day Missions
– All Courses and Materials (Bible Studies, Spiritual and Leadership Development)
– Experience in: Youth Ministry; Creative Arts; Childrens Ministry; Preaching & Teaching Tools; Local and International Missions; and Discipleship.

The GAP runs from February to November. Students will need to be available for training every Monday-Thursday from 08:00-14:00, and for Sunday Services. They will also need to volunteer at next generation weekend ministries: Kidzlife / Agents 3:16 / Elevate / Young Adults.

To apply, simply fill in the form by clicking on the link below, and pressing the ‘submit’ button. Make sure you fill in all 5 sections.


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